Panel Air Conditioner

  • Panel air conditioners are often called as enclosure air conditioners because they have designed to cool closed cabinet at desired temperature. They are designed to maintain safe temperature levels for components inside an electrical enclosure and maintain optimal performance. The machine operates within specified temperature range set by the manufacture (i.e Less than ambient). When the temperature in a control panel rises above a rated temperature for a component it can shorten the lifetime of component or result in system failure. The impacts can alco include process failure or efficiency relate issues
  • Accelerate Panel air conditioner is a closed loop system cooler provides clean air circulation throughout the panel to keep components within the temperature limit. Even when the outside ambient is high, you can be confident in reliability and versatility of our product.
  • Our panel air conditioner designed with, digital display temperature controllers, mechanical dust filters and eco-friendly refrigerant R134a are included in the standard air conditioners starts from 500W to 3500W.
  • We also offer energy-efficient solutions, In the panel cooling range of products.